Dec 12, 2008

Apple News

Apple triBook Concept Laptop

It appears that our friends from Apple have leaked some drool-worthy information on the net with their latest concept, the triBook.

Yes, I am also quite impressed at a screen that can fold out into three. These side screens are perfectly sandwiched in between the main display and the keyboard. Every time a user wants to use the triBook, he or she will unfold it like opening a cardboard box. A user also has the option of combining all three screens for a landscape display of about 21 inches.

An unfolded triBook measures at 6.75 x 10 inches, and it is about 1 inch thick. That may not be good enough to fit into a manila envelope like the MacBook Air, but I am willing to sacrifice the skinniness for that fold-out feature.

Not much is known about the triBook’s other features, other than it comes with a “kick-ass” hard drive (that is a direct quote from my source). It also has many I/O connectors, an 8x SuperDrive, plus a MacBook Pro-caliber CPU.

Right now, the triBook is just concept, but I could easily see it becoming the standard for laptops. After all, who wouldn’t want more real estate for their laptop screen? That alone is enough to convert me to a Mac user, and I’m sure a lot of people will also be Apple converts if this ever gets mass-marketed.

Sanwa’s new keyboard is both wireless and mouseless

This next product is for all of those MacBook users who prefer not using a mouse, but enjoy the trackpad feature on their favorite Apple laptop. I’ve often ranted about how I can’t stand using a trackpad versus using a mouse, so I can’t say that Sanwa’s new Wireless keyboard is for me.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to bad-mouth a perfectly decent product. What I am saying is that if I ever adapted to the touchpad, then I would fully appreciate the benefit of the Sanwa. This keyboard has a touchpad on the right, so you can completely abandon the mouse when it comes to your desktop.

This Sanwa keyboard also gives you the chance to lose another wire: the one on the keyboard. Yes, it is completely wireless, using a 2.4GHz spectrum, which could be a problem when it comes to using it with a wireless network.

So is the Sanwa the next phase of wireless keyboard and mice for desktop computers? If so, think of all the mice that will go homeless.

Sanwa, a Japanese company, is planning to release this wireless and mouseless keyboard in its own country “soon”. There is no word of a price, nor is there any word of it coming to any other countries as yet.