Aug 23, 2008

IPhone News

Apple plans to produce 40 Million IPhones next 1 year

Business Week affirmed that Apple's manufacturing plans for the iPhone are ambitious. According to them, Apple is planning to make 40 million iPhones 3Gs in the next 1year.

Apple Iphones 3G launched in 20 Countries

Apple has launched the iphones 3G in 20 new countries. In India the iPhone 3G is significantly higher than in the U.S, though they are wide open. The iPhone costs 31,000 rupees i.e., 712$ for the 8GB model, and 36,100 rupees i.e., 828$ for the 16 GB. But the local carriers are still self-assured that the IPhone will be a popular piece.

IPhone 3G will be fixed with software updates

A story from Business Week says that Apple will soon be announcing a few problems of dropped IPhone 3G calls and surfing sessions with a software update which is soon to be coming.

IPhone 3G FM transmitter

The Fexii 3G iPhone FM transmitter is a convenient high-tech device made for entertainment, perfect and easy-to-use transmitter to set free your music tune in to your own radio play list while driving. This iPhone accessory has creative features and advanced FM functions in an extremely transferable case. The transmitter attaches to 3G iPhone or iPod in the plug-in port, it broadcasts your favorite 3G iPhone-based songs over the FM radio frequency band