Nov 28, 2008

Chinese’s cloned iPhone flip phone

There were rumors about Apple planning a flip iPhone. But, till now, we still haven’t heard of any movement from Apple.

The Chinese now have taken one step ahead of Apple, rolled out an iPhone clamshell. And of course, this is a clone which is not from the original factory of Apple. This flip iPhone comes from the mainland of cloned phones, China but is made to carry the Apple logo.

The maker of this cloned handset even gives the phone a name called iPhone V126 clamshell. It looks pretty attractive and comes in the brushed aluminum casing. But the back panel clearly indicates that it’s a cloned phone from China, as it’s poorly designed.

The entire phone looks to be inspired by Apple MacBook instead of the actual iPhone. It’s a 900/1800MHz GSM phone, small, weighs 110 grams and measures 105 x 53 x 17mm. It supports two languages, Chines and English.

Other goodies packed on the cloned clamshell iPhone are a 3-megapixel camera, 256MB built-in memory with card slot for expansion, a 240 x 320 resolution 2.6-inch display, USB connectivity, e-books, Bluetooth, Digital Audio Player, and flashing LED lights under the Apple logo. This clamshell offers standby time of 100-140 hours and talk time of 120-160 minutes. Some more it presents the familiar-looking iPhone UI. It is now available in China for $100 or 680 Yuan.