Nov 17, 2008

iPhone Backup Extractor a useful new tool for iPhone users and developers

When you back up your iPhone or iPod Touch, iTunes can use the backup to do a restore, but not much else really. It’s nice when Apple’s stuff “just works,” but what if you want to see inside the black box and interact with the data on your phone? This is especially important for developers, who can fix bugs a lot more easily if they can look at a user’s backup to figure out what’s causing problems with an app. iPhone Backup Extractor is a tool that makes this possible.

With iPhone Backup Extractor, you can convert an iPhone/iPod Touch backup to make it readable by the OS X Finder. This lets developers get access to application resources that there’s no way to see in iTunes. It might be of some interested to curious non-developers, too, if you just to figure out what files a 3rd-party app has created on your phone. A very useful tool, indeed.
The app is available for download at: and it’s totally free.

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